Which City Has an Airport With a Golf Course Between Runways

If you search, you will find many golf courses in many places in the world. This is a big surprise to the golf interest person. And it will be a surprise when it will be between two runways. Golf courses became very popular as a tourist area. Here will be discussed today which city has an airport with a golf course between runways?

Which City Has an Airport With a Golf Course Between Runways?

Many people are very interested in this subject and then where to find the airport with a golf course?

Are you familiar with trivia? If you know, then you got the answer to your question. Again it may be that you know this but you have no idea about its actual location. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the runways with airports.

It has another different name

This airport is also called by a different name, and that is Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok. it’s the home to the very famous “Katarat” Golf Course.

This golf course has two runways. The 18-hole course is one of the most popular airports in the world. Where lots of people can be seen.

The golf experience in Katarat Golf course is very nice and very interesting. Here the passenger getting out of the plane can get hurt by any wrong swing.

But here are the steps it takes to keep both players and passengers safe. Both golf and the airport will attract you here.

Its popular and enjoyable golf courses

It needs to know that all kinds of people can participate and enjoy this golf course effortlessly. It is a very affordable and attractive golf course.

Due to its location inside the airport, every player has to have safety measures, otherwise, the golf ball can be hit by it.

Care About Protection

a golfer has the opportunity to play in a comfortable way In a protected environment and is free from many dangers. And the authorities try their best on all these issues.

About the airport

Now let’s try to know a little bit about the airport. “Don Mueang Airport” officially start operating in (1914).

It is home to the “Royal Thai Air Force” and one of the popular and main commercial airport hubs in an Asian place.

Air Traffic System

It is a very busy area where only people can be attracted. And available here a lot of air traffic for the convenience and full comfort of the golfing interest and golf course travelers.

This arrangement has been made for the waiting condition after playing a few rounds. Convenience for waiting for the next plane landing.

In fact, an airport on the runway can not be a good arrangement. In 2015, it has improved a lot. Isolation was not kept on the runway.

Another thing that attracts people is the red light. Which gives the aircraft a warning message about the players.

There are no fairways of the golf course in Katara. It was built in 1956. It’s a barrier for players on the runway, but its safety has improved a lot.

Surprisingly, this is the only place in the world where you can play on the runway at the moment of landing and see the enchanting atmosphere of the landing. However, care must be taken to deal with the danger.

Katarat golf course is a very popular place, which you have learned about through this article. It is located in Bangkok. It is open to all, through which the area is very well known.

Final Verdict

I feel that details covered here about The question are which city has an airport with a golf course between runways? You will benefit from these detailed resources.

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