What Makes a Golf Course Really Considered Difficult?

What makes a golf course really considered difficult? Are you really going to read this resource to know this? Yes, and then start reading well. Here is a fresh idea about this topic.

What makes a golf course really considered difficult?

Your distance is first and foremost responsible for this. When you start your shot at a great distance, it becomes a little difficult for you to succeed. No matter how strong the wind is, it is not difficult.

Most expert golfers can make excellent shots with short irons. But in the moment of strong wind, when you are shot by the driver, you will tremble a little. But this game will be a little challenging at the moment when it has to be avoided.

The second is unusually slick and sloping greens. This Golf can be frustrating when a missed 4-foot birdie putt becomes a 40-foot par putt. Very Worse are greens that are hard to read – where you naturally cannot see the break condition. You will not see fun playing such courses.

Now the usual culprits will be discussed. The actual width of the fairways, how deep, how much rough, the tree in the strange place,

Normally you don’t get any wind on flat ground, so think about how hard your swing can be and how challenging it can be?

Final Word

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