Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Wide Feet | 7 Products Suggested

Research has shown that people have different shoe sizes in terms of length and width. As a sports enthusiast, it is recommended to source a shoe that is both fitting and comfortable on your feet to allow you full concentration on your game. 

The golf game especially requires maximum concentration the more reason you need to get the best yet most comfortable golf shoes for your feet, more so if you have wide feet. Fortunately, popular brands like Nike, Puma, Under Armour, Footjoy, Adidas, Ecco, and other brands specializing in producing golf shoes have considered this and customized shoes to meet diverse needs.

Buying Guide for the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

When buying golf shoes, the following are the essential considerations you should check. 


The first crucial step before making an order for your golf shoes is to know the measurements of your feet. This should apply to both the length and width of your feet. The most comfortable golf shoes must have fitting measurements both in length and width so that your shoes fit well. 

If uncertain of your measurements, it is recommended you buy the shoes from the sports stores so that you may fit them from there and choose those that fit well with you both in length and width.


Your gold shoes pick may be right in measurements but feels uncomfortable while you walk around or stand in them. Comfort is a very critical aspect to consider before making that final decision to buy your golf shoes. 

The shoes you select need to feel comfy once you put them on and give you that sensational feeling of a smooth cushion as you move from one place to another. Put on the shoes you intend to buy and walk around to feel the fit and comfort before spending on them.


The inner sole of your golf shoes must be made of fine texture to give your feet a smooth yet comfortable feeling. The sole should have a better cushion to protect your feet from blisters due to friction between the shoes and your feet. In addition, it must be strong to protect your shoes and make them durable. The innersole also needs to be sweat absorbent to keep your feet dry all the time.


Your outer sole is crucial in protecting the shoes from wear and tear since it is in contact with the ground. As such, it needs to be made from strong material that is resistant to wear and tear. The outsole must also be well designed to offer the golfer comfort, stability, and ease of movement.

Breathability and Waterproofing

Air circulation for your feet and the need to remain dry as you engage in golfing are necessary regardless of your fleet size. Therefore, the most comfortable shoes for wide feet must provide you with good air circulation and protect your feet from getting wet as you game. 

The waterproof aspect must be all-round to ensure your feet are safe from dew water and rain. This way, you get better comfort and optimal concentration for your golfing. Besides your shoes being breathable, you can check out products that help you keep off sweat both at your feet and on your hands, giving you a firm grip and keeping your sweat irritation-free.

Winter shoe or Summer shoe

Golfing in winter requires you to have shoes that protect your feet from extreme cold. Therefore, the golf shoes you buy for winter golfing must be made with thicker materials that keep your feet warm and resistant to water penetration. The lining of such shoes should incorporate materials that retain warmth, such as silk lining.

For summer golfing, the opposite is true. Get yourself shoes that are highly breathable so that you avoid sweat irritation in your feet as you game. Such shoes must be light in weight, comfortable, and breathable.

Spiked or Spikeless

Spiked shoes will provide you with a better grip and stability but not sit low to the ground. However, the spikeless shoes, on the other hand, will sit low on the ground and offer you off-course versatility with minimal grip.

Therefore, choosing between spiked gold shoes and spikeless is purely a matter of personal decision based on your needs and maybe the terrain of your golf course.


Work within your budget but source for the best products. You will get the most affordable yet very comfortable shoes for your wide feet in the market. All you need is to check to see that the shoes you buy meet your specifications, and the top on that list should be a comfortable and good fit.

It is advisable to stretch your budget a little bit if you need the best quality to serve you for long. However, rarely will you lack a comfortable golf shoe that matches your budget.


The shape of your golfing shoes needs to eliminate any gap between the feet and the shoes. As such, let the shoes you buy correspond to your feet shape so that the fit will be perfect all-around your feet. Most golfing shoes are tailored to suit different feet shapes; thus, one needs to identify their match. This will enhance the comfort of your shoes, whether small or wide feet.


We all want shoes that will serve us forever that we do not need to visit the sports store again for a replacement! This is out of rich, but we need to buy the quality of shoes that will serve us for a long time before they wear out. The golf shoe material quality determines how long they last you.

Durability is not only important in shoes but also in the balls used in golf. As you will notice, there are balls suitable for different golfers, depending on their experience. For instance, there are balls customized for average golfers for a better experience. 

Upper Material

General appearance and style for your golfing shoes though not a primary consideration, matter a lot. The upper material used to make your shoes need to be classy in appearance and communicate a great taste in style and fashion. The golfing shoes should allow you to clad them for casual strolling or nature walks when you are not golf gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Which golf shoes have the best arch support?

 A. There are several shoes made to offer quality arch support for your flat feet. However, the Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf shoes top the list for the best golf shoes with the best arch support.

Q. Do golf shoes increase distance?

A. Research conducted by the Golf Lab Inc. Corporation found that wearing golf shoes increased swing distance covered by the golfer to a certain extent within a given time frame. For instance, golfers wearing the Sqairz shoes gained an average of 2.2 miles per hour in swing speed.

Q. Do golf shoes make a difference?

A. The golf game involves a lot of walking from one place to another. You will notice that golf shoes are customized to cater to these movements. Golf shoes protect your feet against any damage, give you comfort, and focus on the game fully.

Q. How many spikes should a golf shoe have?

A. Golf shoes have spikes depending on the tech used in customizing the outsole. However, most golf shoes average 6 to eight spikes for better stability, traction, and comfort during golf swings.

Q. Are spikeless golf shoes better?

A. The choice of spiked or spikeless shoes is dictated by the texture of the golf course. For smooth texture on the golf course, the spiked shoes will serve you better, while for a rough golf course, the spikeless shoes will serve you just fine as well. Spiked shoes will also serve you better on soggy courses as opposed to spikeless shoes.

Q. Why do golfers wear spiked shoes?

A. Spikes are meant to offer a good grip on the surface the golfer is standing, allowing them to control their movements, especially when taking their shots fully.

Q. Is waterproofing necessary in golf shoes?

A. Having waterproof golf shoes is beneficial to protecting the golf shoes and giving them a longer lifespan. It also protects the golfers and offers them comfort as they engage in the golf game regardless of the weather.

Q. Do pro golfers still wear metal spikes?

A. Yes, professionals who have cemented their names in the game still use metal spikes without considering tearing up the greens. To mention a few who wear metal spikes, we have Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Justin Thomas, and Bryson DeChambeau.

Q. What happened to metal golf spikes?

A. the metal spikes were banned due to the gross impact of tearing up the greens, especially in cold weather and times of frost.

Brands that Make the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

1. FootJoy

This is one of the leading brands in producing the best golf shoes with some customized to meet the needs of your wide feet. The brand is owned by the Acushnet Holdings Company, which specializes in producing golf products such as shoes, gloves, apparel, golf gear, and golf accessories.

2. Adidas

Known the world over as the leading sportswear producer, Adidas produces some of the best golf gear for professional and beginner golfers. This brand produces some of the most comfortable golf shoes you may opt for to suit your wide feet. The brand has its company based in Germany and produces sportswear across many sports besides golf.

3. Nike

This brand has been ranked among the top five over the years due to consistency in producing quality sports gear and especially golf gear. From gloves to apparel to the most comfortable shoes for your wide feet, Nike is a brand to check out when you need quality shoes for your wide feet.

4. Puma

Talk footwear, and Puma will click your mind. Besides producing the best shoes for ball games such as soccer and football, Puma produces quality shoes for golfers. Recently, they have produced some of the most comfortable shoes for your wide feet in Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro.

Popular Golf Persons and their Golf Shoe selection

The current winner of the 2021 PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson wears G/Fore Gallivanter while Tiger Woods wears his own Nike Customized shoes. Tiger Woods shoes are waterproof and come with a foam-padded collar. Rory Mcilroy has worn Nike Roshe G Tour throughout his 2019 to 2020 campaign. Thomas Justin is a big fan of FootJoy golf shoes, who have dressed him for now.

Final Word

The most comfortable golf shoes for your feet are those that ensure minimal gapping between your feet and the shoes. In addition, such shoes must ensure you have maximum comfort as you engage in your golf gaming. Choose golf shoes that are durable, fitting, with great breathability and those that fit your style. 

This will allow you to fully focus on your game and boost your confidence as you take that golf swing. The brands highlighted have the best yet most comfortable golf shoes for your feet; go for those that meet your taste and preference.