How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes

Many instruments are used for golf games, and as an expert, you should have an idea of everything; with adequate care of each instrument, today, we will discuss golf sues, and that is How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes? The details are explained below.

How To Remove Soft Spikes From Golf Shoes?

As a golfer, sometimes you have to do something very carefully, which is to change your golf shoes’ spikes.

As a golfer, sometimes you have to do something very carefully, and that is to change the spikes of your golf sauce. These spikes do not last very long; they fall. 

Within a certain time

This is why you need to remove a few from time to time. This is a very simple task, today’s article with some ways to make it easier. You can follow these effective steps that are actually proven and very simple. 


The part of your product you want to work with, Prepare it. This is a very used golf instrument that you will need all the time, so don’t touch any other part; use the part you need to work. This can have a bad effect on your product.

Use a dry towel, place it where you want to work, set your golf shoe on the surface with the targeted spikes perfectly facing upwards.

Spray into the spike

Spray your spikes with good oil, which will loosen them a lot. However, be careful not to get too much oil in the shoe at the moment of spraying, as it will be very difficult for you to remove them.

Try to loosen the spikes

You have to do one more important work, and that you have to collect a grip the spike using a quality set of pliers.

Confirm when you catch the spikes. Just then, you have to wretch it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. And you have to do it until the spikes are loose.

Perfectly drill a hole on your spike

Your anticlockwise and clockwise direction may not have loosened the targeted spike. Well, naturally, it all depends on how strong the shoe spike was. If you do not get loose, then you can take this essential step. 

However, if previous attempts loosen it, then you do not have to enter this step. But all you have to do is get into that spike. Make a hole (in the middle). 

But be careful not to ruin your shoe by digging a hole in another place.

Now, these are your final steps. At the end of all the above work, it will be loose in any way. Now insert a pair of your pliers o the needle-nose side into the targeted hole you had drilled earlier. It’s very simple. 

But remember, do it one by one. There is a risk that your shoe will be damaged if pulled.

Final word

Now you have the best and easiest method because you have read this article. It is a very simple task. If you want to remove your spikes from your golf shoes, it’s very easy and very simple. But obviously, they do need to be properly removed and replaced on targeted occasions.

You already clean about this question that explained here details with the easy procedure: How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes. So you have to try to implement these steps in your practical work. 

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