How to measure golf club shaft length

Here we are going to discuss clearly how to measure golf club shaft length. If you are a golf interest person, you must know that golf club length is critical.

You may want to be aware of its exact size through some very personal ideas or research, but the matter is not so simple; there is something complicated that we will provide you here through this lesson.

Here I will discuss the method of carrying out the correct measurement. This will give you an accurate measurement length, which will be very comfortable for your golf game.

If you want, you can measure it in different ways, through which you can correct any mistakes you made earlier. Just follow here details:

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How to measure golf club shaft length           

1st step

Place the golf club on a level surface with your toes. Fix golf club point perfectly.

2nd step

Place a border above the golf club that you will use to fix a specific place. For example, fix the 60-degree angle to the head of the golf club.

3rd step                 

Fix the club’s position at a 60-degree angle and draw an utterly imaginary line intersecting with a plane.

4th step

Hold the intersected line from the club’s ankle to the tip of the grip and fix it along the shaft. Measure from now on.

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