How Does a Golf Cart Starter Generator Work

I am going to discuss here One of the most important issues and this topic about How Does a Golf Cart Starter Generator Work? And that is the starter generator; it’s actually an engine that works great for starting golf carts or for charging the batteries of these golf carts. Please read this article carefully to get a clear idea about this topic.

This device works in two ways and that’s it:

1. One is that the generator part supports battery charge

2. The starter part cranks the engine  

The golf cart will not be able to make an impact when it is too small.

The golf cart will not be able to make an impact when it is too small. At that moment you can confirm that it is not working. At this point, you do not try to charge the golf cart’s battery.

But now the question is how do you charge the battery at that moment? Yes, I will try to give a very good idea about this issue.

Contributed by Starter Generator

The starter engine cranks just then that when the gas pedal becomes depressed. The generator starts charging the 12-volt battery. Starter generator brushes are very important for this process. The starter generator usually completes these functions in a golf cart.

1) Charges the Battery     

2) Starts the cart

3) Gives power to on the lights of the cart

4) Available small power supply process.

What can you do if you have a problem with the cart?

Your cart may never stop working; your product may be damaged. You need to understand that there may be a starter-generator where there is some problem.

A) Your Cart is not turned on even though your Key is turned on

When you try to start the key to start the cart but it will not work, you will only hear the click. At this point, you may realize that there is a problem with your starter or battery.

Just try to turn on your interior or headlights at that moment. And to confirm that the batter is OK, see if it is in the water. Then you will be more confirmed that the starter generator has actually gone bad.

B) Take ideas from Crank’s time

When it takes more time than usual to get your Crank, then understand that the starter generator is bad.

If you hear Noise

When your cart is turned on and you get a grinding noise, realize that the starter gears are worn out and are giving the wrong direction at work. And the picture goes on in your moving car and you get the same sound.

If you see something hot or wash from the starter

If you get a hint of heat on the starter and see the smoke, you must assume that there is something very wrong with it. Due to overheating, its voltage will also decrease. If you see smoke coming out of the starter you will understand that it is over.

Pulley of Starter not moving well Or get (Rusted)

Take a good look at your starter generator; if it looks like it is moving freely and does not move, then it must indicate a bad condition. At that moment you need to change your pulley. And it is very necessary to work in that starter.

How Does a Golf Cart Starter Generator Work?

Golf cart starter generator you have to have enough ideas on how to maintain the golf cart. This is what I will discuss here.

There is a combination of two different engines. The most common components you will find in garden tractors, lawn tractors, and aircraft.

Another very important thing that I will discuss now is the effectiveness of the starter-generator.


The starter generator is initially listed due to the voltage received directly from the battery of your cart or equipment.

It is enough to turn on the light switch as a reason to turn off the contactor or electrical connection. It sends voltage at the beginning. When the voltage is transmitted it is like a small motor will support you. It helps to turn the engine.


Here the generator section supplies current to all the electrical components included in the golf cart. There must be some voltage to keep all the electrical components in your golf court running. This generator does two things at once

1. Maintains sufficient voltage to run all components.

2. Each appliance has adequate voltage, where as much as is needed.


Some problems are observed in the starter generator, this part controls it. It helps to generate electricity in the required proportions. There is a coil here; it limits some of the features of the cart.

Can a starter motor be used as a generator?

Yes, you can use a starter motor as a generator. It is better to keep in mind that when using car generators, they use some of the alternatives. The starter motor is generally designed for low speeds.

How do I know if the generator starter is ok?

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items in your generator.

  • Be sure to hear the sound
  • Whether the starter is too hot and the smoke comes out
  • Whether the movement is stopped due to rust

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