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I am pretty sure you know that hat the most important club in your bag is a putter. Putters come in different variations as far as length, angles, weight, and balance are concerned. All of these things may be a lot to take in so we have put together the best putters under 100 dollars for you.

I am confident that you will find a putter that is not only high-performance but also budget-friendly while you scroll below. The buying guide will help you when choosing the right putter for your game, and the recommendations are versatile. Generally, they are the best affordable putters you can own.

Expert Persons in Golf History

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was a professional golf player born on September 10, 1929, and died on September 25, 2016. He is known as a charismatic player in golf history.

His father, Jerome Palmer worked as a professional and greenskeeper in the Latrobe County club taught him how to play golf. Arnold would always accompany his father while maintaining the golf course.

Arnold later joined the US coastguards for three years. While serving there he built a nine-hole golf course to level up his golf skills. After he joined college, he began participating in gold competitions. He won his first award in 1954, and then he pursued golf professionally.

He participated in the master’s tournaments, US Open and Open Championships. Over the years, he has won 29PGA Tour Events and other 5 major tournaments. He retired from tournament golf in 2006.

Gary Player

Gary Player is known as the most successful golfer in history. He was born on November first, 1935 in Johannesburg, South Africa, now aged 85 years. His passion for golfing began at the age of fourteen, and he began participating in competitions at the Virginia Park golf course.

He has worked on a busy playing schedule over the years. Hence he has earned the title of the world’s most traveled athlete.

The Player has won nine major championships and is among the five golfers who won the Career Grand Slam award. Also, he has covered 24 Career tour titles and has participated in open championships and Master’s tournaments.

He was the first international golfer to win in the Master’s tournament in 1961. Together with Palmer and Nicklaus, they are known as the Big Three in the 1950 to 1970 era.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus was born in Columbus, Ohio on January 21, 1920. Since a young age, he had always been an all-around elite athlete. Although he picked up golf at the age of ten, he still participated in other sports until his senior year. He played football, basketball, and tennis, and track field. For his first game in golf, he scored 50 for a nine-hole course.

Consequently, while playing in the Master’s tournaments and Open Championships, he won awards for amateur level. He joined college and wanted to study insurance.

His plan was to play amateur golf while earning by selling insurance. Until 1961, he never thought of taking golfing as a profession then he began his PGA Tours the next year. He played in the Master’s tournament, US opens, and international championships. He later joined the senior PGA tour at age fifty while engaging in golf course design.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson was born in San Diego, California on June sixteen 1970; he is 51 years. He has the nickname Lefty because although he is right-handed, he plays with his left hand. He said that he learned this by mirroring how his father played.

His maternal grandfather was a caddie at Pebble Beach Golf Links where he took Phil to play regularly. Phil’s father Philip taught him how to play golf during his early years.

Phil has participated in the Open Championship, Master’s tournament, and PGA tours. In May 2021, he competed in the PGA championships, where he became the oldest major championship winner. Conclusively, Phil has won 45 events on the PGA Tour, 6 major championships, and one Open Championship.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman was born on February tenth, 1955 in Mount Issa, Queensland. He is renowned as an Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur although he currently resides in Florida, US. During his early years, he played cricket and rugby as he aspired to become a professional surfer. His mother taught him how to play golf in Virginal Golf Club, Brisbane while having Greg caddy.

He began as an assistant professional of Billy McWilliams in Sydney, South Wales. Later, he became Charlie Earp’s trainee at the Royal Queensland Golf Club. In 1976, he kicked off as a tournament player.

He has spent 331 weeks as number-one Official World Golf Rankings in the years 1980 and 1990. Also, he became the first golfer to surpass 10million dollars earnings in the PGA tours history. Until now, he has 30 top-10 finishes and 10 runner-up positions.

Buyers Guide For Best Putters Under 100 Dollars

Below are essential considerations to check when buying the best putters under 100.


The standard weight of the best value putters is between one to two pounds. Heavier putters are known as toe-heavy putter. They usually weigh 370grams. It is suitable for a player with arced stroke.

So, which putter is better, a heavier one or a lighter one? Well, it solely depends on your preference and comfort. However, the difference is that lighter putters are best for fast greens, while heavier putters are suitable for slow greens.

The best part is that various affordable putters include an adjustable weight feature. It allows you to add weights to the clubhead. The weights have steel construction that comes in various weight amounts. Therefore, you can use your putter on different greens by adjusting the weight.


The loft angle of your putter depends on the green speeds. Most of the green speed these days is between seven and ten feet, therefore, the loft angle you need is from three to four degrees. The loft helps you when launching your putter to prevent bouncing and raising balls to form depressed points.

Balance Point

There are two types of the best golf putters with different balances.

Toe-balanced- The toe of the putter’s head is towards the ground. It is best to use it when you want an arc stroke. An arc stroke means that your stroke will travel in an arced position and that the face will open and close depending on the target.

Face-balanced- the face of the putter is parallel to the ground such that when you have the shaft lying horizontally, the face will face the sky. It is best to use it when you want a square-to square stroke. This means that the stroke is straight back and the face of the putter is square to the ball.

Alignment Aids

Alignment aids help you position the head of the putter against the target. Most alignment designs are dotted lines with a right-angled position to the target line. The lines are usually on the head for parallel-ground alignment.


The lie’s angle determines your posture while making a shot. The angle of your putter should be constant irrespective of your position. It usually ranges from 72-79 degrees. The loft and length of your putter primarily determine your lie angle. As long as the length is fine, your lie angle is inevitably aligned.

Adaptable Length

Aside from putter weight, I would say putter length is an important element while picking a putter. The length of the putter corresponds to your height.

If you are 6 feet then the putter should be 35inches. Moving down, means the same for the putter length. The best inexpensive putters have lengths between 32 to 34 inches. Consequently, golf putter brands have established 34inches as the standard length.

However, you can get a custom putter with variable lengths. If you already have a putter that you which to adjust its length you can cut it down or extend it to meet your needs. If you are wondering which putter is better, a shorter or longer one, well longer ones are best for taller people or people with back issues.

If you have an average height, a shorter putter is better off. Also, a long putter will give you an arced posture while a shorter one will offer a straight posture.

Face Size and Design

Faces with a metal design are ideal as they indicate the impact of your hit on the ball. Some brands have faces with milling to improve the rolls and control landing distance. Therefore, different face designs affect the puttering sound and ball roll. The face size should be about 2.5inches.

Perfect Grip

For an accurate stroke, you need a putter with light grip pressure and a painless experience while holding it. Most people prefer using fairly thick grips to have a tactile sense while holding the putter.

Head design

There are three different head designs; mallet, mid-mallet, and blade.

Blade- it is narrow from the top to bottom, narrower than other heads. The weight is at the end of the head. It specializes in optimizing bounce angles for a dead-stop spin and is versatile on play surfaces.

Mid-mallet- The weight is positioned farther from the face to move the center of gravity backward. It increases the MOI (Moment of Inertia) from your toes. Therefore, it is hard not to take a hit.

Mallet- The weight is further away from the face. It splits the weight of the two heads of the putter to optimize the MOI. Mallets head designs are easier to make shots as compared to blade designs.


After recognizing the type of putter you want, you want to ensure that you do not overspend. I would say that a good putter should always meet your budget needs. The best budget putters are outlined in our recommendations.

Head Cover

The headcover prevents the head of the putter from getting scratches and maintains its look. Good thing the best putters 2021 have included this feature.


The best putters on the market cover a limited warranty of one year from the first day of retail purchase. The warranty strictly mentions that it does not cover incidental damage from abuse, misuse, abnormal use, accident, or neglect.

Also, top putter manufacturers do not cover third parties such as online stores. As long as the warranty applies, it will be at no buyer’s cost.

A typical putter can last for about ten to fifteen years. Among all the golf club types, it is the one with the greatest longevity. This is because the speed upon impact on putters is, therefore they do not suffer a lot of abuse. As mentioned above, a headcover is responsible for keeping the putter’s head in shape.

All you need is to cover the head after use. Another thing that adds to the longevity of putters is that they undergo fewer technological advancements than drivers and irons.


I hope that your search was productive as you have gained knowledge on the factors to look out for when buying a putter. The selection of good cheap putters is precise and focuses on key features.

Remember to look out for alignment aids and improved stability for accurate shots. Be sure to try the recommendations for the best putters under 100 dollars to scale up your golf game.

While having found the right putter for you, I hope you learn to use it to your advantage for better results. Have fun while staying in shape with a good golf game.

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