Best Golf Shirts For Hot Weather [ Buying Guide For 2021 ]

You were wondering where you can find the best golf shirts for hot weather: Well, you have come to the right place as we have reviews of the most comfortable and moisture-wicking golf shirts. You can be sure that as you play golf, they will not stick to your skin hence improving your swing. I am pretty sure that you have had your share of hot weather problems while playing golf. Now: all your worries will be at bay.

While cultivating a richer golf experience, it is important to use the right tools. Not only do you need the best putters, golf training aid, but also the right wear. Having the best golf shirt for hot weather sets you up for better results. It does not matter whether it is your first time here or not because we have all you need. The buying guide, product reviews, and FAQs section will guide you in making an informed decision for the best summer golf shirt.

Buying Guide For Best Golf Shirts For Hot Weather

This buying guide will help you in picking the right considerations before picking out a golf shirt. Here are the primary thongs to look out for:

A. Comfort & Easy Maintenance:

You will agree with me that comfortable apparel is a must for every outfit, especially sportswear. Comfortable golf shirts should prevent your skin from getting burnt by the scorching sun while maintaining body room temperature. The heat of the sun may cause you to sweat, therefore you need a shirt with sweat-absorbent and airy features.

Good grief: golf shirts manufacturers have ensured that their products are highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Consequently, this allows you to play your game without feeling uptight about the hot weather. Also, the gal shirts with cotton or polyester fabric are machine-washable hence easy to maintain.

B. Moisture Wicking:

Moisture-wicking golf shirts allow moisture to evaporate from your skin. Therefore, your body will feel fresh and dry the entire time you will be playing. It is uncomfortable for your shirts to soak in sweat while playing as they will feel heavy. While comparing different golf shirt materials, tech fabric is more moisture-wicking than cotton fabric.

Although cotton shirts are the easiest to find and preferable all-weather, they have moisture-absorbent features. As your shirts soak in the sweat, it will create odor thus uncomfortable. On the other hand, tech-fabric comprises of different materials, commonly polyester. It is more moisture-wicking and lightweight than cotton.

C. Microbial Properties:

Golf shirts or any other apparel with microbial properties incorporate active agents that prevent the buildup of bacteria and microbial colonies. Initially, anti-microbial properties were used in medical and healthcare environments. It is because these properties can reduce the transmission of infection in any environment. Therefore, hospital textiles such as gowns, curtains, and bedding are antimicrobial.

Consequently, other textile industries began to pick up antimicrobial agents because it improves the lifespan of the fabric. Therefore, golf shirts with antimicrobial agent finishing are more durable and less prone to odor. You should consider getting a golf shirt with antimicrobial finishing for anti-odor and anti-bacterial effects. Also, they prevent any allergic reactions on your skin.

D. UV Protection:

While playing golf in the scorching sun, it is inevitable to have direct UV rays contact. This could cause sunburns and other harmful effects on your skin. Therefore, having a golf shirt that will minimize the entry of UV rays into your skin is important.

Most textile industries have incorporated the Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) into their clothing production. UPF is similar to SPF which is used in cosmetic products and sunscreen. The UPF ranges from 15 to 50 where the higher the UPF, the more protected you are from the harmful UV rays. Manufacturers use natural dyes and environmentally friendly chemicals in fabrics for UV protection.

Fabrics such as polyester and nylon offer more UV protection as they reflect the sun. Although cotton and flax have less UV protection, chemical finishing can boost their performance.

E.  Fabric:

The most common fabrics used on golf shirts include cotton and polyester. From there, manufacturers can have combinational materials such as spandex and eglantine to couple with the fabrics. Cotton is the most common fabric because it is durable and easily available. However, when we consider breathability and moisture-wicking properties, polyester is better.

I would recommend you to try both fabrics and test their benefits because they have unique properties. However, for hot weather, polyester is fairly better.

F. Body Type:

There are different body types that highlight the size of your shoulders, waist, and proportions. Since most men have rectangular body types, it will be easy for them to find the perfect golf shirts. Women have variable body types while highlighting their curves and bust size. The major measurements you should consider are the waist, shoulders, and bust for a compatible golf shirt.

G. Color:

For the color, avoid dark-colored shirts as they absorb heat. You can choose bright colors such as white, orange, cream and several others.

H. Ventilation:

Golf shirts have breathable features to increase airflow. A great example is mesh underarms which offer ventilation for your armpits and reduce sweat and odor.

I. Price Value:

The price value of a golf shirt may not necessarily dictate its quality, however; it is important to have a reasonable budget. If a shirt matches your requirements, then you can adjust the budget.

J. Sleeves:

Long-sleeved golf shirts may offer better UV protection, however; the heat will be unbearable. However, polyester fabric is lightweight thus ideal for long-sleeved golf shirts during hot weather. If you prefer to let your arms feel the breeze, then short-sleeved golf shirts are the best.

K. Durability:

The material of a golf shirt determines its durability. Cotton is more durable than polyester since it has thicker layers and firmer stitches. Although polyester is long-lasting, it does not beat cotton resistance to wear and tear.

 Your maintenance also affects the lifespan of a golf shirt. Ensure that you follow the instructions when washing and drying the shirt. Commonly, golf shirts require a gentle wash, less fabric softener, and indirect sunlight.

L. Anti-Odor:

The anti-odor effect keeps your golf shirt smelling fresh throughout the day. You may have noticed that antimicrobial agents play a huge role in reducing unpleasant odors from fabrics. An example of antimicrobial is chitosan which manufacturers use in functional fabric finishing.

Moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester prevent odor from building up as the sweat evaporates from your skin. Also, well-ventilated fabrics keep you odor-free.

M. Fitness:

Golf shirts have two types of fits: slim-fit and regular fit. The regular fit is the most common as it offers a relaxed and more comfortable fit. Your swings will be more flexible and it will be less likely for the shirt to stick to your skin while sweating.

Slim-fit design is shorter with a narrow waist, hence, fits perfectly. Since it is uptight, it may not be comfortable to wear during hot weather. It will be difficult for air to penetrate while playing.


Cotton Pique

Cotton pique is 100% cotton. It is moisture-absorbent and comfortable. Unless it has a chemical finishing, it has a low UPF which offers minimal sun protection. Cotton fabrics are being used in the modern-day sportswear industry to make polo shirts.


Celestine is a variation of cotton as it includes eglantine. They have beautiful patterns on golf shirts that appeal to the eye at the first glance. Also, they are stretchy and lightweight.


Golfers mainly wear it on-course as it has an effortless athletic look. It has highly breathable features with moisture-wicking capabilities that make it suitable for playing golf in hot weather. Polyester is sun reflective; therefore, it has a higher UPF. It promotes airflow throughout your body which prevents odor.

Polyester Spandex

It constitutes 85% polyester and 15% spandex. You can easily get a perfect fit because spandex is stretchy and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for golf shirts?

The best material for golf shirts is cotton and tech-fabric because they are durable, comfortable, and moisture-wicking. Even in cold weather, while engaging in sports activities you can sweat. Therefore, you need a golf shirt that allows sweat to evaporate from your skin to prevent odor. Although tech-fabric is more moisture-wicking and breathable, cotton is more durable and comfortable.

2. Where can you get the best golf shirts?

You can find the best golf shirts in the following online/ offline stores. They are considered the best athletic-wear brands. Amazon outsources its products, so you can search the online store.

  • Nike
  • Callaway
  • Hanes
  • Puma
  • FootJoy
  • UnderArmour         

3. What do professional golfers do with their old golf shirts?

Some of them donate them to charities and churches. They can also give them to their friends and family. Since golf shirts have exceptional quality, you can wear them for several years. Professional golfers wear their shirts only a couple of times, so they donate them while they are still in good shape.

4. Does Ashworth still make golf shirts?

Yes. They have a longstanding reputation for making authentic golf apparel. Here are some of their golf shirts.

  • Innovation interlock crew
  • Diamond Polo
  • Soft-Tech Jersey Strip 
  • Stretch Tech Polo

5. What is the best men’s golf shirt?

  • RLX Golf Classic-Fit Performance Polo Shirt
  • Callaway Tech Swing Golf Polo
  • Nike Dri-FIT Tiger Woods
  • Puma Golf Rotation Polo
  • Under Armour T2G Blocked Polo
  • Adidas Adicross Polo Shirt
  • Foot Joy ProDry Performance Solid Lisle Golf Polo

6. Does anyone make cotton golf shirts?

Yes, most athletic-wear brands do. They include:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Ashworth
  • Callaway
  • Hanes
  • Puma
  • FootJoy

7. Why are golf shirts so expensive?

Golf shirts are expensive because unlike other shirts they have numerous features to make them comfy. They need to be highly breathable and sweat-wicking for consistent airflow. Also, golf shirts for hot weather, have sun protection properties to prevent harmful UV rays.

Just like cosmetic products with high SPF, golf shirts with higher Ultraviolet protection factors are more expensive. The addition of anti-microbial agents for fabric finishing is expensive but indispensable in reducing unpleasant odor.


The best golf shirts for hot weather have exceptional comfort and breathable features. You need to consider moisture-wicking and anti-odor effects to ensure that you have the best playing conditions. I hope you have found a golf shirt that matches your needs. So all you need to do is get the proper measurements and confidently get on course.

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