Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands | Top 7 Product Listed

Playing golf on a warm summer day can be such a great experience. The sun feels amazing on your skin on such a day. With the blue skies punctuating the emerald green fairways, the visibility is at its best. The experience is even better when you can hold your golf club properly.

However, in such beautiful weather, sweaty hands can ruin your whole experience. That is where the best golf grips for sweaty hands come in. Having an excellent grip can make the best shots easier to make even when sweaty hands are threatening to cost you a vital score. 

Things to Consider

Buying a new golf grip can be difficult if you do not know what to look for in each product. Since there are numerous models in the market, you may need a little guidance to help you choose the right. Here are some of the most common things to consider.


Playing your best golf largely depends on your level of confidence, especially on the court. You will be more confident when you look and feel good. Therefore, when your golf grip looks good or when you like how it looks, you are likely to be more confident on the court.

These products are available in many different colors. From the wide collection that is available, you can never lack something that you like or that matches your outfit.


Golf grips are available in different price ranges. The best advice anyone can ever give you regarding how much to spend on a new grip is to keep it within your budget.

For something that will still need replacement after a few years, you do not have to spend a considerable amount of money on it. Besides just the price, consider other costs that come with owning a specific model of the golf grip. 

Moisture Absorption

A golf club grip that absorbs moisture properly would help you stay at the top of your game even when your hands become sweaty. Rubber makes durable grips but cord grips are still superior in moisture absorption. Therefore, if you have sweaty hands, go for corded grips. Also, check for any additional technology incorporated to facilitate moisture absorption.


Golf grips are available in various styles and shapes. Three of the most common styles are round, ribbed, and square putter grip. Round is the standard shape and one that most golfers prefer to use. From these styles, you can have a genuine reason for preferring a specific one no matter how unlikely or unsuitable it may seem.


The golf grips can be made with a variety of materials. Therefore, you can choose your next golf grip based on the material used to make it. It can be one material or a combination of different materials used at different ratios.

The most common ones are rubber grips and corded grips. Rubber grips give your hand an adhesive feel and may sometimes contain a small amount of silicone, plastic, and elastomers. 

Corded grips on the other hand are made from cord material. Although they can cause abrasion and become quite uncomfortable, they work excellently for sweaty hands. They effectively prevent slips that may be caused by rain or sweat.


There are four major types of golf grips, which include rubber, corded, wrap, and synergetic. Basing your judgment on how each style feels, you can easily choose the right grip. Each type has its strength and weaknesses, some of which are unique. You should consider these pros and cons when choosing the right type.


Size is a major factor to consider because it will affect comfort, performance, and the game in general. When buying a golf grip, make sure it fits perfectly in your hands. The length and breadth are the two areas that should guide you into choosing the best fitting grip. When the grip is perfectly sized, it will let you Play golf conveniently.

Bundle It

Generally, golf grips are chosen based on the user’s preference. What may work best for you may not work for somebody else.

Therefore, you need to choose what will help you achieve the best on the course. The factors to consider may be many and confusing at times but if you prioritize right, it will increase your level of accuracy towards choosing the right golf grip.

Soft or Firm?

The materials that golf grips are made of vary a great deal these days. Most are made from rubber, which makes grips that are soft and squishy. Then there are the firm cord grips, which provide a firm tighter grip while holding the golf club. Hence, the choice between a soft and firm grip is based on a personal choice preference.

But keep in mind that softer grips often wear out quicker and may not be resistant enough to sweaty hands or moisture.

Thicker, please?

In most cases, thicker means more comfort. The thicker the grip the more it should fit perfectly into your hands. If by thicker you mean the grip allows the top of your fingers to barely touch the palm of your hands when you hold it, then thicker is better. A thicker grip also limits the wrist action and helps you take a swing that will highly likely lead to a hook.

Trendy design

Every talented golfer would like a trendy grip to go with the trendy equipment in his collection. As a golf enthusiast, you need to pay attention to the changing trends including in equipment such as grips.

Adhering to the changes in trends will help you feel more confident and comfortable. Just make sure the grip does not slip from the shaft of the golf drivers.

Types of Golf Grips

There are several types of golf grips out there. The various options make it easy for golfers to choose a favorite or the best one for each golfing scenario. You can compare them based on how they feel in your hands, or based on something else, whatever it may be. Here are four of the most common types of golf grips.

1. Velvet golf grips

This type of golf grip is usually made with rubber-blend compounds. That explains why they offer a great feel for optimal performance.

The blended materials also improve grip when it rains or when you sweat. Oftentimes, grips of this style have a surface texture that increases grip even though it is not as rough as cord. It also draws moisture away.

2. Corded golf grips

The grips here contain a cord material that makes them not only sturdy but also durable. They are better known for their excellent performance when the weather is wet or your hands are sweaty. Even though they have a rough surface that can be a source of distraction to some golfers, they are usually the best for moisture absorption.

3. Multi-compound construction golf grips

Grips under this type combine the positive characteristics and performances of rubber and cord. It is a single grip with rubber in the lower hand and a cord in the upper hand. The rubber material provides an improved feel and responsiveness while the cord material maximizes control in every kind of weather.

4. Wrap golf grips

These are designed to look and operate like the old leather-wrapped design. It offers a combination of soft feel and tacky touch. The problem with this type of grip is that it is not good for wet conditions, and is not as durable as other types. Therefore, if you do not have sweaty hands and you are not playing on a rainy day, you can use these golf grips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when buying golf grips for sweaty hands?

There are a couple of things that you can look for when trying to find the best golf grips for sweaty hands. Look for the right size for you. Also, make sure the materials used to make the grip are moisture absorbent. Other factors to look for include looks, style, how thick it is, the type of the grip, and cost among many other things. Generally, you just need to make sure it meets the profile of the perfect grip for sweaty hands.  

Should I buy corded or non-coded golf grips?

I would choose corded grips because they are better than their non-corded counterparts in several ways. For instance, corded grips work better at absorbing moisture, including sweat and rain. That makes it the perfect option to deliver comfort when moisture threatens to compromise it. Consequently, you get the chance to keep your performance high even on a rainy day.

Can I change the grips out myself to save some money?            

Yes, you can. Changing grip is not a difficult task after all. With your preferred grip ready, you will need grip tape and solvent. You will also need a few tools to make the changing process easy. You will be able to re-grip your golf club hassle-free. You have the right tools and be careful with the new grip so that you do not tear it even before you get the chance to enjoy playing with it.

How often should I change out my grips?

It is great to change your golf grips after every 12-18 months. This means after every 30-40 rounds. Players who live in hot and humid areas can change their golf grips more often.

What golf grips should be used?

To get the right golf grip to use, you should compare the size of your golf glove. If your golf glove for men is the extra-large one, choose midsized or jumbo golf grips. Men’s large and medium or woman’s large glove size requires the standard size grip.

Is A Cord Grip Good For Golfers With Sweaty Hands?

Yes, a cord grip works well for golfers with sweaty hands. For sweaty hands, ensure you get a rougher grip for better performance.

Final Verdict

If you are a serious golf player, you need to get different golf gear like golf shoes for wide feet and golf shirts for hot weather. On top of that, you should get the best golf grips for sweaty hands. All these essential items ensure you enjoy the best-golfing experience. After going through this detailed guide, I hope it will be easier for you to choose the right golf grips if you have sweaty hands.