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Golf is one of the best games in the world. However, if you love golf and your hands are sweaty, they can mess your rounds up. Golf gloves tend to worsen your sweat when your hands are enclosed. The issue makes it even worse to play golf. Various materials and gloves options make it hard to choose the best. The best golf gloves for sweaty hands are available either in leather or synthetic materials. The materials either use moistness to help you with grip or resist moisture.

Best Golf Gloves For Sweaty Hands Buying Guide

Just like other golf wear, there are factors that you should consider before purchasing golf gloves for sweaty hands. They include:


Do not just purchase any golf gloves, be sure that the one you select gives you the comfort you need. The leather gloves are soft and tender for comfortability. Also, ensure that the item you choose fits you well that you will be able to hold the golf stick with ease.

Combine Function and Fashion

Different golf occasions require different fashion. Having one design of golf gloves for every golf tournament is somehow dull. Some golf functions require a fancier look than others do. For instance, for friends or family golf play, you may decide to have a themed color of the gloves.

Suitable Material

Golf gloves come in two different materials of leather and synthetic. The leather-made gloves are high-quality products produced using soft and fiber-like material that gives a soft touch and great comfort for golf play. Leather gloves are best to use during dry conditions since they offer a firm grip. The gloves can stiffen or wither during wet seasons.

A synthetic glove is a combination of synthetic materials like polyester and leather. These gloves are harder than leather gloves. However, synthetic gloves are waterproof and therefore best to use during rainy conditions. They maintain their shape longer and are more durable than leather gloves. They are also lightweight and have a breathability aspect that makes them all-season gloves.


Leather gloves are not water-friendly. For this case, they require special treatment once they get dirty. In case you wash leather gloves, ensure to use stretches to prevent them from crusting. Washing synthetic golf gloves are very easy and safe. You only require warm or cold water and mild soap to clean and hang them to dry.


How long the golf glove serves you matters a lot. I am sure you do not want to keep buying new gloves now and then. Getting a durable glove will save you money and time to g purchase a new item. The synthetic gloves are waterproof and free from crusting. The aspects make them last for a longer time compared to leather gloves. The leather gloves can also last long, provided you use them during the dry season. In addition, maintaining leather gloves in good condition increases their durability.


The color of the gloves does not affect their performance. However, it is good to select the best color depending on your style. It is nice to look elegant when in golf tournaments. There are various colors to help you match your clothing.

Is Your Choice Budget-Friendly?

Gloves come at different prices depending on the quality and the brand. Some are very expensive up to $30 a pair. However, there are cheaper gloves that will serve the same purpose. Synthetic leather gloves are pricey compared to synthetic polymer golf gloves. In addition, the big brands selling gloves tend to be expensive than developing brands. Do not force yourself to buy an item that is far from your budget. Gloves are some items that you will need to buy now and then.

Breathable Fabric

Gloves, especially leather, are warm to wear during the summer season. The gloves will make you start having sweaty hands leading to loss of grip. For this case, you will need some breathable fabric that will allow enough air circulation. Golf gloves with good ventilation prevent you from becoming excessively warm and sweaty.

Rain Proof?

There is a type of golf glove specifically for use during rainy days. These gloves are available in pairs and have a label of rain golf gloves. The gloves help you to have a firm grip since the golf stick will become moist. Rainproof gloves are for persons who are sure they will play many times in the rain. Having a pair in your bag is helpful since storms may come unexpectedly. The rainproof gloves are perfect for people with sweaty hands. They help you to have a firm grip even when your hands sweat.


Golf gloves are available in different brands. Some brands have a big name and produce quality items than others. Different brands offer golf gloves at different prices. It is good that you carry out thorough research on the brand you choose for your glove. Look for essential elements in a glove that will satisfy your golf play needs.

Right Size

The size of a golf glove matters a lot. In case your hands are not sweaty, select gloves that are fitting. For sweaty hands, choose golf gloves that are slightly bigger in size. They will help to prevent your hands from sweating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are golf gloves made of?

Golf gloves have either leather or synthetic materials. The leather gloves have perforations to allow air circulation. Gloves made of synthetic leather are of high quality compared to synthetic polymer ones.

Golf gloves leather versus synthetic.

The leather gloves are best for keeping hands warm. It is compact blocking elements and air from getting through. They have perforations to allow air circulation. Synthetic is best when it comes to cleaning and drying up. However, synthetic has a short lifespan compared to leather since the stitching comes out with time.

How to keep golf gloves from getting crusty?

Preventing gloves from crusting is always the best option than resolving crustiness. If the gloves become wet, always ensure to stretch the gloves out while drying. You can do it by using stretchers. Second, keep golf gloves in a sealed plastic bag to avoid crusting.

How to cleangolf gloves?

Golf gloves come with cleaning instructions. For leather gloves, you should not wash them unless they are visibly soiled. In case they stink, use a spray to get rid of the odor. Synthetic gloves are washable. Use warm or cold water with mild soap to hand wash.

Are bionic golf gloves legal?

Bionic golf gloves are illegal in most golf tournaments. You can only have them in exceptional cases of a medical issue. Always check with organizers to know whether you can have bionic golf gloves.

What golf gloves do the pros wear?

Professionals use the best gloves. Mostly, they use gloves based on sponsorship deals. Some of the gloves they use include Bubba Watson’s, Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, and Rory Mcllroy’s.

How does a golf glove affect my swing?

Wear or tear of golf gloves affects golf swings. Gloves with holes will make you grab the golf stick more on your palm and less on your fingers. It will also cause much friction at the top of the backswing hence losing control. Several overlaps at the Velcro fastening make the glove overstretch and become too big for your hands.

Do rain gloves work for sweaty hands?

Yes, you can use rainy gloves if you have sweaty hands. Rainy gloves are available as a pair to help you have a firm grip even when they become wet. It will work the same for persons with sweaty hands.

How do you stop hands from sweating in gloves?

To stop your hands from sweating, you need to observe several tips. One, select the best material for sweaty hands. Use glove liners and topical medications like formaldehyde lotions. Also, get a size slightly larger than the fitting size. Use hand coolers and ensure you change gloves regularly.

How often do I need to change out my glove?

Changing golf gloves will depend on how long you play with them. If you are a frequent player, you will need to change gloves severally. In a season, you will use several gloves.

Are there any special rules about golf gloves that I need to be aware of?

No, there are no rules about using golf gloves. Gloves are simple handwear that has no special rules to follow while purchasing or using.

Final Verdict

Golf gloves for sweaty hands require some features to allow you to have a firm grip throughout the play. They should be able to solve your sweating problem as well as satisfy game needs. Several types of golf gloves in the market can solve the sweating hands’ issue. However, it is good to check for other factors that will help you purchase the best item.

The above factors will help you select the best golf glove to buy. I hope you will get the golf gloves that have the most items included. It is good to buy an expensive golf glove but remember that not all that is expensive is good. The aspects will help you to select the best golf gloves for sweaty hands.

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