Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer | Buying Guide

The type of golf ball you pick affects your performance. You don’t need premium golf balls if you are an average golfer. This is because they are designed for advanced golfers. You should get the best golf ball for average golfer which comes at affordable prices.

These balls are designed to match your style and gameplay. While there are many options out there, an average golfer can find it hard to select the right one. This guide provides recommended choices and some essential buying tips to guide you.

Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer Buying Guide

When buying a golf ball for an average golfer, below are some crucial things you should have in mind.


While you need a golf ball that suits your budget, you should also consider quality construction. The ball’s construction affects how it spins, the control you get on the green and the distance it flies.

Therefore, the type of golf ball you choose should match your skill level. There are different ball construction designs you can consider. I have covered them briefly below.

1-piece- This is the simplest golf ball that features an inner and outer cover. It is suitable for beginners and it provides less spin. The ball also costs the lowest.

2-piece- This is a golf ball made of a solid rubber core. You can find it in Surlyn or urethane cover. Unlike urethane, Surlyn is abrasion-resistant, harder, and durable. It is ideal for beginners who need more help to achieve a higher rollout.

3-piece- The ball is designed for average golfers. It has a rubber layer and an internal rubber core. All these are covered by a long-lasting rubber layer.

4-piece- These balls are not for average golfers. They are made for professional golfers who want to fine-tune their greenside spin control.

4-piece- This is the most complicated golf ball for experienced golfers. All the layers are made to suit a different golf shot.


Higher compression allows the ball to go far. On the other hand, a low compression can provide less unwanted spin. This makes you get more control and straighter shots.   

The best golf balls for mid-handicap and average golf players should have lower compression. This makes them produce less spin and more distance. Additionally, such balls are affordable.

When it comes to the feel, low compression balls are soft. This is the main reason they create more distance if you have a below-average swing speed.


Another essential consideration to think about is the spin. Golf balls range from low, mid, and high spin. Low spin balls reduce the sidespin when you make shots. This makes the ball fly straight to the air. If you find it hard to get the distance on the ground or slice the ball, low spin balls are right for you.

Mid spin balls link the gap between low spin and high spin golf balls. They include both the feel and the distance. The balls are suitable for most players and they provide solid distance, softness, and varied feel. These are the most common golf balls from many manufacturers because they suit various players.

High-end golf balls enhance the ball’s spin on the air. When you hit the ball, it goes into the air with some backspin. This increases the spin and brings about longer carry. A high spinning ball is ideal for players who hit the golf ball left with a draw.

Swing Speed

You should also consider your swing speed when buying a golf ball. Some golf balls are made for lower swing speed while others provide different swing speeds.

It is crucial to understand the swing speed to help you make the right decision when buying the right ball.

Golf Ball Cover Material

The cover of the golf ball is an essential part that golfers interact with when playing. It affects the feel, sound, and spin of the golf ball. There are different types of cover materials for golf balls.

The most common covers are Surlyn, lonomer, Balata, and a combination of these materials. Combination materials are most common in one or two-piece golf balls. Most premium golf balls feature urethane and Balata cover materials which offer a better feel at the greens.

Surlyn material is used in many golf balls because it provides a soft feel and better control. You can also find golf balls that have a combination of Surlyn and other materials for durability.

Golf Ball Core

Understanding the construction of the golf ball is important. It includes an inner core, outer core, and the Surlyn. Golf balls have multiple layers that provide unique characteristics when you hit the ball with a club. In the past, the cores were made of wound rubber bands. Today the core features a one-piece structure made of acrylates, different resins, and other types of rubber.


As an average golf player, you don’t need a high-end golf ball. Many average golf players tend to lose some golf balls in a single round. Therefore, there is no need of buying expensive golf balls.

Get inexpensive golf balls to prevent you from wasting money. Luckily, many golf balls for average players are affordable. With a budget of fewer than 50 bucks, you can get quality balls to suit your needs.


If you want to get accuracy in your shots, consider multi-layered golf balls. These balls are best suited for mid-handicappers whose swing speed is average. The layers allow your hands to control and sculpt the shots while giving you an elevated feel.

Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern plays a huge role in reducing drag. As a result, you get a smooth ball flight. Therefore, a deeper dimple pattern translates to a higher spin. A shallower dimple pattern provides lower spin and higher trajectory, which suits average golfers.


A good golf ball should be durable. The outer layer construction of the ball determines its durability.  For instance, Surlyn is long-lasting and more abrasion-resistant. Additionally, it has less scuffing. Balls with urethane construction are less durable than Surlyn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Golf Balls Matter for Average Golfers?

A: The most important thing for average golfers is game satisfaction. Therefore, golf balls matter for average golfers if you want to spend. If you don’t want to spend, go for low-priced golf balls.

Q: Does Golf Ball Compression Matter?

A: Golf ball compression refers to the firmness you get with every feeling. A higher compression value makes the ball feel harder. You should always get a golf ball that gives you better performance for your game.

Q: Does Golf Ball Construction Matter and Which Should I Use?

A: The golf ball construction matters. For an average player, always go for 3-piece golf balls. They are durable and offer the best performance.

Q: Can You Boost Distance with the Type of Golf Ball You Select?

A: Yes, you can increase the distance if you use low-compression gold balls. Players who want to enhance their swing speed should look for balls with aerodynamics to reduce drag and maximize distance.

Q: Is Technology Important in Golf Balls?

A: Technology didn’t matter sometimes back. However, with advanced technology things are different. Golfers can make good use of the technology to maximize strengths and reimburse for their weaknesses.

Q: Is Bridgestone a Good Golf Ball?

A: Bridgestone is a reliable and great golf manufacturer. They provide a variety of golf balls for professional and recreational golfers. Their golf balls are best suited for high, mid, and low handicap players.

Q: How Many Golf Balls Does the Average Golfer Lose per Round?

A: If you are an average golfer, changing the golf ball is a necessity. According to a study carried out by the GOLF magazine in 2009, avid players lose approximately 1.3 balls every round.

Q: What Ball Construction Should You Use?

A: Many modern golf balls have two-piece construction. They are also covered with a Surlyn material and a bigger rubber core.

Q: Should Your Golf Ball Spin A lot?

A: High golf ball spin can either be good or bad. Once you deploy it correctly, you can achieve greater things at the golf course.

Q: Do Golf Balls Make a Difference for Average Golfers?

A: Golf balls make a huge difference for an average golfer. The ball pieces and the compression affect the results different players get.

Q: What Golf Ball Should a Mid Handicapper Use?

A: Mid handicappers should use 2 to a 3-piece golf ball. This entirely depends on whether the player needs to achieve control or distance on the ball.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a golf ball for an average golfer is easy if you have the right information. The most important thing is to buy a golf ball that matches your handicap or swing speed. Golf balls differ in construction and other aspects. Many average golfers need low spin to avoid missing your hits. After checking our unbiased reviews and buying guide, I believe it will be easier to pick the best golf ball for average golfer.

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